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Basically the company manufacturers and distribute animal feeds to most parts of the country .The Feeds are grouped in four categories namely:

Fish feeds -   These are feeds meant for Fish farming, they are manufactured both in pellet form and mash form targeting different type of fish.

Poultry feeds – This category covers chicken meant for production of eggs i.e. layers and chicken meant for meat production i.e. broilers.
For the layers the company manufactures Chick mash, Growers mash and Layers mash which are given to chicken at different stages in its growth.
For the case of Broiler chicken the company Manufactures, Broiler starter and broiler finisher for standard growth and Farm gro starter and Farmgro Finisher for quick growth of the chicken.

Dairy feeds – In this category we target milk producing animals and the company manufactures feeds for both high yielding and standard producing animals among the products in this category include Dairy meal, Beta farm yield, Mega plus Dairy meal, Young stock meal and calf early weaner, The company also manufactures  products targeting goats and cattle in dry areas known as Farm stock mea.

Pig feeds – Currently in this category the company produces four types of products namely Sow & Weaner, Pig Finishing, Pig Starter and Pig Grower. The feeds are meant for pig production at different stages in growt.

The company manufactures various brands of animal feeds among them Tilapia Starter, Tilapia Grower, Tilapia finishet, Trout Starter, Trout Grower, Trout finisher, Chick mash, Growers mash, Layers Mash, Dairy meal, Beta Farm Yield, Mega plus, Stock meal, Calf Early Weaner, Young stock meal, Broiler starter, Broiler Finisher, Broiler Starter Farm grow, Broiler Finisher Farm Grow, Sow and Weaner, Pig finishing, Pig Starter and Pig Grower.Below is the images of some finished products stacked in the godown.