Pigs Feeds

We offer bulk feeds that are concentrated with Grower and Breeder then blended with grains to make complete feeds for all classes of pigs. 

  1. Pig Finishing
    Pig Finishing
    This is lower in protein than the Grower Meal. It is introduced at the middle of the 20th week and mixed with the grower for 3-4 days before Grower Meal is completely withdrawn at the end of this week. It is fed from 21 to 28 weeks of age when pigs are ready for slaughter at 95-100kg live weight. Over this period each pig consumes 2.6 kg of pig finishing meal per day. Pigs should be fed three meals per day wet – dry wet like for the Grower Meal. It is of lower protein than the Pig Grower since pigs have lower muscle development over this period than in earlier stages. Packages: 70kg, 20kg and 10kg bags.
  2. Sowweaner
    This is feed meanly for breeding pigs – Sows, Boars and Gifts. Each consumes 3kg per day on average except suckling Sows that consume 4.5 to 5.5kg per day depending on litter size. Some farmers completely leave out the Starter and Grower Feeds and just use Sow and Weaner Meal on piglets, weaners and growing pigs. This seriously retards growth rate of piglets and weaners. Where Grower is unavailable, Sow and Weaner should be fed to pigs between 13 and 20 weeks old. Sow and Weaner nutrients are similar to Grower but the Vitamins Minerals plus key Amino Acids are generally richer in the Pig Grower Meal, which is designed for younger growing pigs. Sow and Weaner Meal should be fed wet in two meals per day except where it replaces pig Grower Meal.