Others Feeds
We offer variety of animal feeds that helps ensure healthy animals. 
  1. Tilapia Fish Fillets
    Tilapia Fish Fillets
    The Tilapia Fish Pellets are designed to be slow sinking when dropped in the pond to feed fish. The slow sinking ability allows Tilapia Fish to feed well on the pellets as the fish feed best just below the water surface. Tilapia Fish pellets are formulated from Maize Germ, Wheat Pollard and Bran, Soya Meal, Rice Bran, Di-Calcium Phosphate and balanced with Vitamins and Mineral Premixes. The diet is also balanced with limiting amino acids – Methionine and Lysine. High quality Toxin Binders are added to ensure good protection of Fish. At present, the company produces one type of Tilapia feed but will soon upgrade to produce specific products for various growth stages of Tilapia thus: Fry Feed, Fingerling Pellets, Grower Pellets, Finisher Pellets and Tilapia Breeder Pellets.
  2. Dog Skipa Meal
    Dog Skipa Meal
    A high quality aflatoxin free, uncooked dry meal for dogs of all ages. Formulated from White Maize, Sterilized Fish Meal, Sterilized Meat and Bone Meal, Wheat Pollard and Prairie Meal. Well balanced with Dog Vitamins and Minerals. Also contains high quality Toxin Binders. Dog food is added to boiling water and stirred for 15 minutes to achieve a semi-solid paste and allowed to cool before serving dogs as per instructions on the food pack.
  3. Rabbit Mash
    Rabbit Mash
    Rabbit food supplement contains coccidiostat for Coccidiosis disease prevention as this is common on rabbit farms. The food is also fully balanced with vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Rabbit Starter, Rabbit Finisher, Rabbit Grower and Rabbit Breeder diets to meet efficiency needs of the rapidly growing modern rabbit production businesses. Ingredients used in the rabbit food supplement are: Maize Bran, Maize (a maximum of 18% in the diet), Wheat Pollard and Bran, Sun Flower Seed Cake, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Soya Meal, Vitamins and Minerals