Dairy Feeds
Farm Feeds formulates a blend to suit your cows’ specific requirements and needs. This will maintain the correct energy and protein levels for milk production and body condition. 
  1. Dairy Meal
    Dairy Meal
    In modern improved genetics Exotic Dairy cows, this concentrate is suitable for average yields - cows producing 11-19 litres of milk per day. Farm Feed Dairy Meal is also economical when used on high yielders (20 litres and above milk yield per day) in late lactation or even mid- lactation when high quality forage and other supplements are available. The concentrate can be fed in small quantities ( about 2kg per cow per day) in the first half of the “Dry period” for any class of Dairy cows. It is formulated with Maize Germ, Corn Gluten feed, Wheat Bran, Cotton Seed Cake, Sun Flower Seed Cake, Maize Bran, Limestone, Cattle Salt and balanced with Vitamins and Minerals. On average, feed 1kg of Standard Dairy Meal for every 1.5 litres of milk above 10kg produced per cow per day, when good quality forage is available. Give 1kg concentrate for every 1.5 litres of milk above 7kg produced per day for low quality forage.
  2. Betafarm
    It is of higher specification in Energy and protein than the Standard Product . It is the most popular Brand in the market, most economical for early, mid lactation and last half of dry period (steaming up) for target cows. On average give 1kg of Beta Farm Yield for every 2litres of milk above 10kgs produced per cow per day. However, total concentrate should not exceed 60% of total ration per day on Dry Matter basis. Alternatively, concentrate intake (DM basis) should not exceed 2.3% of the cows live weight. Beta Farm Yield is formulated with Cereal Grains, Maize Germ, Maize Bran, Cotton Seed, Cake, Sun Flower Seed Cake, Corn Gluten Feed, Wheat Bran, Yeast Cultures, Limestone, and Cattle Salt and balanced with Vitamins and Minerals. Concentrate is designed to ensure optimum feed in- take and cow productivity for high yielders.
  3. Earlyweaner
    This is a well balanced palatable meal for calves, normally introduced at 3 weeks of age to supplements milk feeding as the calf advances in age. As implied by the name “Calf Early Weaner Meal” enables a farmer to wean calves early – (10 -12 weeks) since this concentrated replaces milk without affecting calf growth after early weaning. Normally, calves are weaned at 16-20 weeks and hence a quality Calf-Meal that facilitates early weaning saves on milk. The Concentrate is introduced in handfuls at the 3rd week and slowly increased so that by the time of weaning the Calf would be consuming about 2kg per day. • The Calf Meal is formulated with whole Maize, Maize Germ, Wheat Pollard and Wheat Bran, Fish Meal, Cotton Seed Cake, Sun Flower Cake, Prairie Meal, DCP( Di-calcium Phosphate), Corn Gluten Feed, high energy concentrates, Toxin Binders, Limestone, Cattle Salt plus Vitamins and Minerals. The Calf Meal also prepares the calf to handle roughage earlier (by 5th-6th week) which is important for rumen development. The Calf concentrates should be fed dry on clean Feed Troughs, ensuring any left- overs are not used the following day, but given to mature stock. This limits chances of scours.
  4. Farmstock
    This is a top range Farm Feeds Dairy Brands. Carefully designed to ensure the best production for top yielders - over 25 litres of milk per day) while at the same time ensuring over- all performance challenges to this class of cows are addressed. It has higher energy and protein specifications, also contains highly available energy sources, stable by pass protein sources and cow fertility natural enhancers. As it has been scientifically proven, top yielders suffer low feed intake in early lactation, generally low fertility and poor body condition. Early lactation, mid lactation and steaming up phases (last half of dry period) for target class feeding. Concentrate is also ideal for challenge feeding average yielders with potential for high production and heifers with high genetic potential at first calfing though they may have low production.