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We are leading manufacturers of various brands of animal feeds among them Tilapia Starter, Tilapia Grower, Tilapia finisher, Trout Starter, Trout Grower, Trout finisher, Chick mash, Growers mash, Layers Mash, Dairy meal, Beta Farm Yield, Mega plus, Stock meal, Calf Early Weaner, Young stock meal, Broiler starter, Broiler Finisher, Broiler Starter Farm grow, Broiler Finisher Farm Grow, Sow and Weaner, Pig finishing, Pig Starter and Pig Grower.
Our mission is to produce quality animal feeds and related animal healthy products while maintaining consistency and reliability for sustained customer delight and market expansion.
Our dedicated team will work directly with you to establish your specific needs in a bid to ensure that you get the very best out of your herd. Small adjustments in the levels of protein, fibre and minerals fed to your stock can have a dramatic effect on their overall health and development. Let us steer you and your herd in the right direction. We never compromise on quality.

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We are a certified organisation and our wide range of products Our products are certified by the Kenya Bureau of standards.

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