Manufactures of Farm Feeds
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Economy Farm Products(k) LTD manufactures of Farm Feed, OFFERS a revolutionary new way to benefit both farmers and feed suppliers in the buying and selling of their commodities or commodity blends. By moving the process here, to a centralized online marketplace, farmers gain easy access to multiple suppliers, the guaranteed best possible price for their feed, and an efficient system to get it delivered when it’s needed
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Dairy Products
In this category we target milk producing animals and the company manufactures feeds for both high yielding and standard producing animals among the products in this category include Dairy meal, Beta farm yield, Mega plus Dairy meal, Young stock meal and calf early weaner, the company also manufactures products targeting goats and cattle in dry areas known as Farm stock meal.

Healthy, High Yielding Livestock
Poultry Products
Pig Products
This category covers chicken meant for production of eggs i.e. layers and chicken meant for meat production i.e. broilers. For the layers the company manufactures Chick mash, Growers mash and Layers mash which are given to chicken at different stages in its growth. For the case of Broiler chicken the company Manufactures, Broiler starter and broiler finisher for standard growth and Farmgro starter and Farmgro Finisher for quick growth of the chicken.
This category we target pigs reared for meat production. The company manufactures feeds to ensure high yield in animals. among the products the company produces four types of products namely Sow & Weaner, Pig Finishing, Pig Starter and Pig Grower. The feeds are meant for pig production at different stages in growth.​​​ ​​
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